Lovely bonsai!
I walked around Marunouchi. I like this area.
I like it

Art Fair Philippines 2018
I will move a little.
This work is also unique! It is on the 7th floor. #yukam...
I’m in makati

I went to the Chicago museum
David exhibition in New York
Sotheby's auction, in Hong Kong
I love it. Izumi Akiyama!! Pencil on paper. Just pencil,...

I got this art work #gokitatomoo #acrylicpainting #tokyo ...
Retrospective of Giacometti #giacometti #tokyo #art
I went to LACMA
art Basel in Switzerland

I went to the art fair in Basel
I went to the new building 's watching party. Ginza Six
Someday, I would like to buy like this work
Cute pig